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A free, bi-monthly ezine which focuses on inner peace and stress-free living

July/August 2001 Edition                    Contents:  Editorial
                                                                              Keeping In Touch
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            Do you find yourself searching for ways to bring balance into your life?  Are you overwhelmed with the demands of the Era of Technology and how it has changed our society?  Welcome to Remember When a bi-monthly ezine which brings you information on the important things in life—how to bring balance and peace back into your life.

            Just like the Industrial Era, modern inventions (otherwise known as Technology) have changed our lives, too.   During the Industrial Era, cities hosted new and existing businesses with modern machinery to do the work of human hands.   Children moved from their family farms to seek adventure and fortune leaving a void on the home front.   Today, we can chat with our family on-line (all members at the same time),  have information at our fingertips in the blink of an eye, cures are being found, and people’s lives are being saved.  It is a phenomenon that brings many positive aspects to our lives.

             The more we advance through the Technological Era, the harder we strive to compete, with ourselves as well as other nations.  We encourage our children to learn more, to become well-rounded individuals by learning to play musical instruments , and to be team players in a favorite sport.  We (try to) motivate them to be the best they can be; and why not?  We, adults and children alike, are capable of all of these things.  So we keep on pushing and striving to be the best.  As we move forward we revel in the exhilaration of success and achievement of ourselves and our children.  We have temporarily forgotten the basic principles of family life.  Perhaps this slight drawback occurred during the Industrial Era, perhaps this is in part why our children feel the solution to their stress is to kill others or themselves, perhaps this is why families (mothers) struggle with the question, should I work or stay home with the children.  In any of these situations, I firmly believe the solution is blending the wonderful changes  technology brings us with the traditions and lifestyles of the past (modified as needed!)

            How can this possibly be done?  Visit Remember When bi-monthly to learn how to incorporate family traditions into your busy life, how to bring back the sense of “family” into your life, how to make decisions based on what you believe, and how to once again (or finally) bring a sense of peace to you and your family.  Are you thinking, "impossible in the world of today?"  I kid you not, I write from the experience of myself and my family.  I want to share with you the knowledge I have gathered (and continue to gather) and incorporated into my life. 

            Enjoy the first issue of Remember When.  Each issue, new stories and ideas will be available for you to read at your leisure.  You can look forward to inspiring stories and practical solutions to some of the challenges you face each day.  

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