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Ordering Information


    Presently, the products offered for our Business Accounts include photo stationery for  bed and breakfasts and photo  stationery of local points of interest available for gift shops or clubs (ask me how to use this stationery as a unique fundraiser!).  You may provide your own photo, or schedule an appointment for me to take the photo (if you are within an 80  mile radius of Westfield, MA); the only charge for this service is for travel expenses, which we will discuss when setting the appointment.

   All stationery is printed on Bright White 5 1/2 x 8 1/2", 24 lb. paper, for maximum image quality and includes matching envelopes.  The designer will choose the best design layout for the photo.  You have the choice of the information which appears on the stationery, whether to  include a quote, or  to change the photo used by season (or for other reasons) at no additional charge.

    Retail packages contain a set of 25 sheets with matching envelope in quantities of 100 sets, 200 sets or 400 sets.  A one-time only Sample Package of 10 sets is available for your initial order.

    Bed and breakfasts may purchase  sheets of stationery and matching envelopes in bulk quantities of 100, 200 or 400.  Place on nightstands, bureau, coffee table, or sitting room table, for a convenient way for your guests to share with their family and friends where they have been staying.



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