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Placing An Order is simple.  Just follow the steps below.  Once you have noted the information needed, Click on the Order Form link.  Fill in the requested information on the order form and either submit it with the Submit Form button, or print it and fax or Pony (US Mail) it to us.   As always, if you have any questions, please call  us at  (413) 572-4054 Monday - Friday; 9:00 - 2:00, There may be times when I am unavailable during these hours as I am off taking photos, so, please leave a message with your question, a phone number and the best times to contact you at that number; or email us at

  1. Choose the Font you would like:
    Bradley Hand - A Note From 1234567890 
    Harrington - A Note From 1234567890
    Castellar - A Note From 1234567890 
    Jokerman - A Note From  1234567890
    Comic Sans MS - A Note From 12334567890
    Kristen ITC - A Note From  1234567890
    Curlz MT - A Note From 1234567890
    Lucida Handwriting - 1234567890
    Enviro - A Note From 1234567890
    Old English Test - 1234567890
    Free Style Script - A Note From 1234567890
    Papyrus - A Note From 1234567890
    GiGi - A Note From 1234567890
    Ravie - A Note From 1234567890
  2. Choose a Quote from the Quotes Page, if you'd like 
  3. Fill out the order form completely
  4. Send Your Order From either electronically by clicking the submit button, or print and fax it or pony (US Mail) it to us.
  5. Payment Options:  You may pay by personal check or bank check and mail it to us (5 days needed to clear for personal checks); or you may use Pay Pal* to pay by credit card. Pay Pal is a Free internet based payment service used by over 10,000 shops (including many Ebay auctions) on the internet.   *A quick one-time registration is required for this service, which can be used on many other internet sites.
  6. Sending Photos: You can send your photos electronically or by Pony.
    To Send electronically, email them to  Please have them in the jpg format and if necessary, labeled.  
    To Send By Mail, please label the photos with a "grease" pencil found in your craft store, or with "sticky notes".
  7. Place your Order Form (if not faxed or emailed), Payment, and Photos in a padded envelope, or between pieces of cardboard in a regular envelope; mark outside of envelope "DO NOT BEND" and mail to:

Paper Creations By Carm
PO Box 100
Westfield, MA 01086-100

  9.  To Place an order now and pay with your Credit Card,
       Press the Pay Pal Order Form, found on the side bar.

      To Place an order now and pay by personal or bank check,
      Press the Pay By Check Order button, found on the side




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