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Order Information:

If faxing or mailing Order Form, you can type the information in first, then print and fax or mail to:

Paper Creations By Carm
PO Box 100
Westfield, MA 01086-0100

Company Name:
Company Address:
Contact Name:    
Business Phone:
What is your email address:   
# of Photos Enclosed or to be mailed: 

A Proof will be sent to you within 5 business days for your review, prior to final printing.  If you wish to waive this Proof, please "sign/type" your name here:

Payment will be made by: 
Personal Checks must clear (approximately 5 days) prior to work being started. 

Stationery Information:  Please write the information as it is to appear on the stationery.  If information is to be omitted, please note N/A in the field.

If I have sent you a sample piece of stationery, and you are placing your order, please type changes in on this form.  If you are not changing the information, please write "Same" in spaces below.  Thank you.


Which font would you like? 

I would like my favorite quote added:

I would like quote# added.  
Please place the quote on the of my stationery.


Retail Package - Set of 25 Sheets with matching envelope
100 Sets $707.07                
200 Sets $1,291.10
400 Sets $2,373.40
Sample Package - 10 Sets $69.20

Shipping & Handling
Stationery Sample Set  $8.00 
100 Sets $15.00
200 Sets $30.00
400 Sets $60.00



Bulk Order - Individual Sheets with matching envelope
100 Sheets w/envelopes $176.50
200 Sheets w/envelopes $230.40
400 Sheets w/envelopes $338.20
Sample Set of 50 Sheets w/envelopes $71.70

Shipping & Handling
Stationery Sample Set  $4.00 
100 Bulk Sheets $8.00
200 Bulk Sheets $11.00
400 Bulk Sheets $14.00
For more than one set, use shipping for the largest set plus $3 for each additional set ordered.



                               Order Total: 
Massachusetts Sales Tax 5%: 

                              Final Total: 

Please print your order form now, and place your photos and payment in an envelope and mail to Paper Creations By Carm, as stated in the How To Order Page, #8.

Thank You For Your Purchase
Please Call or email us if you have any questions

You may also submit your order electronically be pressing "Submit", or Reset after you have printed this form




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