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                 ABOUT US


              Paper Creations by Carm is a small family-run business, nestled in a suburban Western Massachusetts community, which was founded on the desire to embrace today's technology but soften it with traditions of the past.

            Like you, I am affected by the changes of technology and computerized email, working full time (until recently), raising a family (a rather large one), and keeping the fast paced lifestyle of committees, volunteering and family activities.

            Although this is exciting, fun and rewarding, I yearn for the simple things in life too--picnics in the park, strolling through a field, the serenity of a warm summer breeze, reading in the garden, sending notes to loved ones, and of course, the sheer happiness from receiving a handwritten note from a close friend, uncle, or mother.  It is these simple pleasures that will help bring us balance and harmony in our life.

            Bookmark this site for updated tips on how to Keep In Touch with family and friends when your schedule seems too busy; brief, to-the-point articles on bringing balance into your life; a place to refresh your soul with Warm Cookies; or to just sit back with a cup of tea (or coffee) and enjoy a cross word puzzle or quotes to ponder.

        Please feel free to email me or send by pony express, any questions you may have, suggestions you may want to offer, or to request subjects you'd like me to touch, at the addresses listed below.  I look forward to helping you reach the peace and happiness I have just recently found ~ Carm


Paper Creations by Carm
PO Box 100
Westfield, MA 01086-100
(413) 572-5054




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